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Is This Your Symbol?

Thought for Monday

London today and senior exec coaching again. And yay! It’s symbolic day! When coaching I often use symbols. And why not? We have Xmas, Easter, Australia Day, Poppy Day – with so many symbols and celebrations. My favourite coaching symbol is a pencil. You don’t write with it! Other writing, typing & texting implements are available for that. The pencil is the symbol of speaking or listening. Putting the pencil down means saying nothing and listen closely. Pick the pencil up and you know you’re going to talk. Coaching clients soon notice how much they hold that pencil and take over the conversation. And keeping the pencil with them at key meetings and conversations helps them to keep quiet, listen better, and speak when others have had a chance to give their view. What’s your symbol?

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An experienced millennials leadership expert, consulting with leaders and private clients for more than 14 years, to ensure that they and their people hit the ground running, typically securing their next promotion, project, or pay-rise quickly and effectively. A career visionary, Henry Rose shows her clients how to ignite their remarkable talents, grab opportunities for an outstanding career, facilitating the kind of transformation that takes leaders to the top of their game. To book your complimentary 20-minute call with Henry Rose, mail leadership@talenttio.com

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