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Podcast: Passion & Perseverance

Rachel Stewart

This was an unexpected request, out of the blue, from Rachel Stewart, a wonderful lady, podcaster and blogger from San Diego, CA, to guest on her Pieces of Grit Podcast.

So I want to say a massive thanks to you, Rachel.

Rachel says that ‘GRIT’ is made of Passion & Perseverance!

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Every bit of podcast content is designed to share pieces of grit displayed by women from an array of backgrounds, professions, and with varying goals. 

When she first approached me, I wasn’t sure if I was a fit for her show. Here’s the result – a 40 minute conversation that ebbs and flows like good conversation does – where I’d suggest you grab a coffee and a comfy chair, sit back and relax and enjoy.

And if you listen and like any of it, do let me and Rachel know. Thanks.

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