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Millennials aren’t lazy, entitled, or work-shy!

In my work on Millennials and inter-generational consulting, I often talk about the “Duvet Day” that some younger people want to take and I’m told that Millenials are lazy, entitled and work shy when this topic is broached.

We all love an unexpected day off from work, but often younger people are seen to be the ones who lack the emotional resilience, focus and work-ethic to come to work, even when feeling a bit tired, under-the-weather or unhappy.

Statistically, it may look as if those under the age of 35 tend to take more, unplanned time off, but let’s look at the reasons why.

If employers build a community at work, where Millennials feel heard, valued, and significant, and like their work really matters to their colleagues, their company and the world, then our youngest workers will be the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave. You’ll no longer have Millennial recruiting issues. The workplace will have more balance and be more productive.

Why Do You Think Millennials Are Lazy or Work Shy?

  • Could it be that you recall your own workplace experiences when your boss failed to understand you, and years later you’ve realised (or are realising) you’ve turned into him?
  • Could it be that you imagine this based upon TV shows, pop-culture and mass-media stereotyping?
  • Is it something else entirely?

Until you reflect and ask yourself why you think Millenials are lazy, you’re never going to have work-place equality. Until you let go of any pre-conceived notions about young people you won’t be able to connect with them and train them into the incredible employees that they could be.

Millennials aren’t lazy, entitled, or work-shy. So what are they?

They’re like you. They’re navigating the world and they are searching for meaning. Sometimes they’re searching for  connection. Or a chance to belong to something bigger and better. Perhaps that bigger and better is your company? Perhaps it’s what your organisation’s reputation means to them. You won’t know until you ask. When you do you’ll discover exactly what you need to say in order to motivate your Millennials.

Deliver that in your organisation and you’ll see them stepping up and performing. What’s not to like?

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