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Welcome to Ladies Who Lead

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LWL is made up of a great bunch of women and I feel fantastically empowered being amongst you all, I am starting to feel part of the family now. As they say the church is the congregation not the building, and we have a wonderful harmonious choir 👩👩👧👧!

Joanne Lockwood SEE Change Happen

The Organic, Free-Range Alternative to Professional Development

Henry Rose Lee founded Ladies Who Lead in 2017 – to bring together an exclusive (by invitation only) community of ladies (and gents) who meetup once a month to learn, meet new people, expand their circle of influence, and have some fun.

Our next event in Central London is…

Fit For Purpose at Work?

Thu 25 April 2019
18:00 – 20:30


What do you get at Ladies Who Lead?

Thank you for a great evening, lots of useful stuff! Look forward to the next one.

Vicky Roythorne FIRP Head of Communications & Compliance at Outsource UK Limited

“Inspirational, Supportive, Fun.” Nino.

Thank you once again for a much needed fix in a tough week. Always lifts my spirits and great to meet lovely open people.

Loretta Vui Business Manager, Business Change PM

“A thought provoking evening with inspiring women. It was a great evening, met some fantastic people and shared experiences.” Joanne.

Thank you for a very inspiring, practical and fun evening. Loved my Ladies Who Lead fix. Energising and refreshing even in this crazy heatwave! Thanks Henry for sharing your wise words.

Gemma Hart Founder and Director at Walk The Talk Communications Ltd

“Learning, positive network which is FUN and empowering.” Christine.

Ladies Who Lead is all about personal development, support and career progression.

Ladies Who Lead is a by invitation only networking and development community for women (and men) in employment.

Ladies Who Lead provides a safe, encouraging and fertile environment where like-minded leaders and intrapreneurs can share thoughts, exchange ideas, collaborate and flourish. It is a unique community where men are encouraged to attend, to enrich the discussion on women’s issues.

Why Henry Rose Set Up LWL

Traditional networking can be uncomfortable – even for the most confident of people. This, in turn, can make it unsatisfying, unfulfilling and eventually unsustainable.

But we know that relationships are built over time, and that a sense of security and trust are essential for relationships to thrive.

Careers are also built over time and female leaders gain more support and sustainable value from the LWL community than they can get from occasional development or career discussions in their workplace. Ongoing support and value are vital for women, who often feel lonely and isolated during their own ‘leadership journey’.

How You Can Join LWL

With trust, quality and integrity as the highest values we aspire to at LWL, membership is by invitation only. This means that numbers can be controlled and the highest standards maintained. Our Founder & Leader, Henry Rose Lee speaks personally to every applicant before deciding on ‘the fit’. If you’d like to be considered for membership, please let us know. The contact email address is lwl@talenttio.com. Or … it’s free and anyone can join our LinkedIn group ‘Ladies Who Lead’ VIP Waiting List.

Ladies Who Lead is a community …

A thought provoking evening with inspiring women. It was a great evening, met some fantastic people and shared experiences.

Joanne Lockwood SEE Change Happen

I think you’ll like it because it’s a mixed group of fun people, there’s a lot of sharing of knowledge and, more importantly, the quality of the people and the conversations is very high.

Christine Nicholson Nicholson Hall Consulting


I think what initially attracted me to LWL is the ‘Invitation’ aspect, screening, and the fact that makes it a little bit secret, special.

Regular member

Is Ladies Who Lead like one of those superdooper nude bras that give awesome support and just make you look darn good and people don’t know why? Or is it more visible – totally sparkly yay – or something else?

One of our regulars!

There’s wine and food when you arrive, networking with ladies and gents at all levels of the corporate (and small business) world. Some are high-flyers, some are just starting out. All are welcome.

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