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Best Speaker for Millennials: Why Hire Henry?


The Best Speaker for Millennials

Henry Rose Lee is Best Speaker for Millennials, Author, Founder & CEO, entrepreneur, creative, script-writer, and voice-over artist; lover of people, champagne, dancing, flying first-class.

A familiar voice and face for over 14 years in the millennial leadership arena; and inspiring audiences worldwide speaking through her experiences of Prosopagnosia – being face blind.

Her dynamic, insightful and personal keynote speech attracts corporate audiences and has been delivered to thousands yet each speech is unique to the audience.

Millennials who want more from their career, who want to become better leaders love Henry’s warm wit, empathetic style and their bosses love her too.

A career visionary, Henry Rose shows her clients how to hit the ground running and ignite their remarkable talents to grab opportunities for an outstanding career.

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The Consultant

Without great leadership at C-level, organisations large and small are in trouble.

Leadership has always had its challenges. But more than ever, organisations need to be ready for a future we can’t possibly imagine.

It’s true. The speed of change has accelerated so much in the past twenty years, that just about everyone on the planet, in their lifetime has witnessed innovations and global developments on a scale that was unimaginable twenty years ago.

This is just one reason why innovation has become essential at exec-level, and something that Henry Rose is passionate about.

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The Coach

“I started coaching on the school bus aged 12, when I discovered one of my friends in tears over the recent death of her mother. When everyone else was too embarrassed to talk to this girl, I simply took her hand and sat and listened. Together we grieved and giggled, plotted and planned to make our adolescent dreams come true.

A decade or so passed, and I became a professional coach.

Today, my clients are leaders from across the world. They don’t cry – at least not much – but they often ask for my help plotting and planning to make their leadership dreams come true.

Mostly, they don’t want my coaching, because they don’t have time for that. So when they ask, I simply tell them what to do, and that seems to work okay! I love helping leaders to plot and plan…”

Henry Rose Lee

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